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Dreams Masquerade | 2014 - Event

OSF x Anomaly 2013-2014 New System Partners for the 2013-2014 School Year: Some of the Community Collaborators... EVOLVE Skate Camp Slo_Skate Movement: Making Skateboards / Building Community - D.I.Y. - Handcrafted - Artisanal - Local - Socially Responsible - Alternative, Experiential Education - Using Sponsors & Clients After creating a portfolio of their www.urbanindo.com own individual designs and mastering the skills necessary to successfully create their own skateboards, pupils then search for community or regional business partners to sponsor or purchase additional skateboards. Students negotiate the shape of the street or longboard design board with their sponsor/client and display the results at a surrounding gallery.

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Access to the live plus quiet auctions as well as the evening full of fun and dance. Dreams Masquerade Table of 8 - $1,200 The ideal price! $150 per individual ONLY. Gather a neighbors or whole family plus have loads of fun!Ticket includes a dinner for each guest, access to the live plus quiet auctions as well as the night full of fun plus dancing.

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